IT Marketing

Since human started trading, the role of marketing has been here around. The methods of marketing have changed and improved. It is becoming more efficient and smarter because Information Technology (IT) and modern communication technologies. IT has significantly affected the old aged marketing methods and its activities. In years past, almost all individuals used to read newspaper or new phone book every year and these were considered as solid marketing channels on you could rely. This all has been change dramatically. More and more people are choosing to read news, messages, books, articles and mails online. Even many of the most famous magazines and newspaper do not have the same circulation numbers they once had. The marketing opportunities for business owners who had previously used these media successfully have almost vanished. But IT has opened new horizon to permute your business by its marketing channels and techniques. When implemented correctly, the return on investment from IT marketing can far exceed that of traditional marketing strategies. It is a force that cannot be ignored because it is a means to reach literally millions of people every year. Dewan Ltd IT and Business Marketing Consultants are well experienced in modern IT marketing techniques. We lead our clients properly not just through face to face sessions but we also interfere practically to make sure you are using IT for your business marketing in a right and way. We give consultancy services for marketing using some common and some unique IT channels and sources. Some of them are given below.

Online Advertisement
Business Website
Social Media Marketing
Direct Email & SMS Marketing Strategy
Mobile Apps & Tools
Cross media Marketing Technique